Set your priorities, and quickly norrow down the giant list of Amazon best-selling keyboards, into your best three options:

Target features: Lower price.
genuFIND only focuses on highly rated products. Yet, a 5 star product with 1000 ratings is more credible than a 5 star product with 100 ratings.
Target features: Compact size; Foldability; Lower weight; Wireless connection; Longer battery life; Battery-life indicator; Comfortable keys.
Target features: Robust buttons; Above-average durability; Above-average ergonomy; Less high-end specifications.
Target features: Programmable keys (other special keys); Robust accompanying software; Superior underlying technology delivering lag-free and responsive performance; Anti-ghosting capability; Profile storage; Peripheral connections.
Target features: Excellent ergonomy; Functional keys such as multimedia keys; Numpad keys; Backlit keys for night-time use.