Set your priorities, and quickly norrow down the long list of Amazon best-selling computer headphones, into your best three options:

Target features: Lower price.
genuFIND only focuses on highly rated products. Yet, a 5 star product with 1000 ratings is more credible than a 5 star product with 100 ratings.
Target features: Compact size (including the microphone if applicable); Foldable; Lower weight; Hard case; Longer battery life and fast recharging if applicable.
Target features: Ambient noise reduction (including: active noise cancelling, adaptive noise cancelling; noise isolation; closed ear-cups); Shielded cable; Superior soundstaging; Wider frequency response; Proprietary software.
Target features: Breathable ear-cups; Excellent ergonomy; Smaller size and lower weight; Multimedia controls if applicable; Water resistant (to keep out sweat); Durable paddings; Dual mode: wired and wireless; Longer battery life and in-place charging if applicable.
Target features: Microphone fidelity; Superior design.
Target features: Above average sound quality; Above-average durability; Above-average ergonomy; Less high-end specifications.